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Check If Your Android Phone Or Device Is Genuine

Check Physical Appearance Of The PhoneNowadays there are a lot of fake android device out there which you ought to be careful when buying a cell phones. Genuine Android Phones or Device can be copied and it will look much similar like the original (brand) phone but there is away to check the originality of your cell phone.


Fake and Genuine

Fake logos, dull color, built quality difference in weight, screen size, location of bottons and battery, quality of printing and paint finish, added or missing functions, quality control stickers, holograms and overall lack of quality.

Using The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Code



Apart from the physical appearance of the phone, you can use the 15 digits number of the IMEI code. The IMEI code of your phone acts as unique identifier of your android device, which makes it very useful tool for even tracking lost or stolen cell phone.

Example Of IMEI Code Or Number

IMEI: 352535050301083

1. It can be found on the package box of the mobile phone, look for the barcode label sticker on the box. With removable battery phone, open the back cover and remove the battery, the IMEI code label should be located under the battery. Take note of the IMEI code.


IMEI Sticker On Box

2. On your phone key pad type *#06#. As soon as the last # is entered a IMEI 15 digits number will pop up with heading Device ID. Take note of it.

Enter *#06#

3. Go to Settings => About Phone => Status. And then Scroll Down to find the IMEI Code. Take note of it.

Settings-About Phone-Status

At this point compare all IMEI numbers, if all the numbers are the same then your Android Device is Genuine.

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