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How To Enable Emoticons And Smileys On iPhone

I believe most you by now know how to set emoji icons on your Apple iPhone’s (iPhone4, iPhone4 and 4s, iPhone5 and 5s, iPhone6 and iPad Air and Mini) to spice up your chatting, making chatting fun, interesting and sometimes to show your

But to those who don’t know or have no idea that iPhone comes with some emoji icons. You can enable it on your keypad which will helps you to send funny and interesting emoji icon to those you chat with be it on WhatsApp or iMessager. 

This How To Enable Emoji Icon.

Go To iPhone Settings => General

ICT Link-Up-Settings-General

 Tap on Keyboard => Keyboards => Add New Keyboard 


ICT Link-Up-Keyboard-Keyboards-Add-New-Keyboard

And then scroll down to select Emoji.

ICT Link-Up-Emoji

It Is Now Enable 

ICT Link-Up-Keypad-Emoji
Keypad And Emoji

Tap on the Global Key to show it up and Tap on Global Key again to return tthe keypad.

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