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Protect Your Phone: How To Preventing Virus On Your Android Device

Protecting android phones or devices is very important because we use our devices to store most of personal information and other related information which we are not prepared to loss. Our devices must be treated with extra care, below are few steps one must consider.

1. Don’t Install Unknown App

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Choosing apps for your device is like going to the market to purchase something (a product) for yourself you don’t just pick anything but you did make sure you know something about  what you are buying where it comes from.  Don’t click on links or any apps that look suspicious, visit reputable sites to protect the device.

2. Don’t Install From Unknown Source

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Installing an app from unknown source comes with a risk of infecting your android device with a virus and can cause havoc to the device avoid it. When installing Android Packages verify them before, know where it coming from if you are not sure of it don’t install.

3. Install From Google Play Store 

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Google check for viruses and any malicious after apps has been uploaded to it Play Store before allowing apps to go through it users.  Amazon app store is another option.

4. Read Permissions

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Anytime you install or update an app on your device it requires permission to access your contact, location, camera etc. Read the permission carefully and if you are not comfortable with it don’t grant the app to have access.

5. Use Anti-Virus Scanner

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Antivirus app runs in the background of your device to keep it safe, it scans your device and prompt you for a threat and also warns about website that could be harmful to the device. Not just any antivirus go for a known one.

6. Update Your Device

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Frequently update software version of the device it fix issues in the previous version of the operating system and helps the device run more efficiently. Go to Settings => About Phone => System Update.

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