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How To Recover Deleted Or Uninstalled Apps On Android

There are few reasons we sometimes accidentally delete or uninstall Apps from our android device when it happens we wonder if there is a way to reinstall the deleted or uninstalled Apps back. There is a way to get the deleted App back, you need to be connected to the internet first. Then follow this easy steps.

Tap On Google Play Store

On your screen tap on the Google Play Store

ICT Link-Up-google-play-store-Apps


Tap on the 3 Lines Icon

At the Upper Left Corner you will see this 3 lines Icon tap on it

ICT Link-Up-3-lines-icon-Android


Tap on My Apps & Games

A menu drawer will show up tap on My Apps & Games

ICT Link-Up-My-Apps-Games-Android


Tab on All

Here you will see “INSTALL” and “ALL” select the ALL

ICT Link-Up-install-all-Android


Reinstall The Deleted App

ICT Link-Up-reinstalled-deleted-apps-Android

Now a list of Apps are shown here both deleted or uninstalled and installed. The deleted once are marked with X on the upper right corner of the Apps and the installed once are indicate beneath the lower right corner of the Apps INSTALLED. Tap on the one you want to reinstall and follow the process.

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