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How To Delete And Reinstall Built In Apple Apps On iOS Device

With iOS 10, some built in Apple Apps can be deleted from your iOS device. But when this is done the issue is that related data and configuration files are deleted too. It can affect some related system functions or information on your Apple watch. Deleting Apps do not free up space on your iOS storage device.

The Apps that can not be deleted are: Safari, Clock, Messages, Photos, Camera, App Store, Health and Contacts ( only on iPad, with the iPhones it can be deleted since the contacts remains in the Phone App). When Music is deleted you wouldn’t get it inside CarPlay. 

The list of Apps that can be deleted are the following: 

Find My Friends 
iCloud Drive
iTunes Store
Watch app
Videos or TV
Voice Memos


To Delete Built In App From The Home screen


Tap and Hold the App until it jiggles => Tap x mark on the App, then tap Remove


And then press on the Home Button to complete

When Contacts and FaceTime Apps are deleted, all of your contacts remain in the Phone App and you can do a call or receive FaceTime calls. With the iBooks, Maps, Music, or Podcast apps, they cannot be available inside CarPlay. 

And also if you  remove the watch App from the iPhone that pairs with the Apple watch there will be an alert to repair the Apple watch before deleting the App.

To Reinstall Built In App That Was Deleted

ICT Link-Up-Reinstall-App-Store
App Store

=> From the Home Screen go to the App Store

=> Search for the App. Use the exact name of the built in App.
=> Tap to Restore the App.
=> Wait for the App to Restore 
=> And then Open it from your Home screen.

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