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How To Setup Find My iPhone On Apple Device

Nobody ever imagines or think that their device will go missing but sometimes we carelessly lost our iOS device or being stolen from us. When this happens we get frustrated thinking how we can get our precious iOS device back.

Apple has this App called Find My iPhone, when these unfortunate happens it helps you locate and protect your iOS device by signing in to iCloud.com to locate your lost or stolen iOS device on a map and also have some options to “Play a Sound” to help find it, if is nearby, use “Lost Mode” to lock and track the iOS device and the last is to “Remotely Erase” all personal information or data on your iOS device.

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To Set Up Find My iPhone On Apple Device

Tap on Settings => iCloud => Scroll Down and Tap Find My iPhone

ICT Link-Up-iPhone-Settings-iCloud


Slide to Turn on Find My iPhone => and again Slide to Turn on Send Last Location

ICT Link-Up-Find-My-iPhone-Send-Last-Location


You may be asked to sign in, enter your Apple ID. If you don’t have Apple ID, create new Apple ID and follow the process.

This feature “Send Last Location” will make the device transmit its location when it’s running out of battery, for you to locate the device later.

After all this setup is done your paired Apple Watch automatically set up as well.

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