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How To Use Find My iPhone To Track Your Apple Device

When you misplace your Apple device whether lost or stolen there is away to go by if you have enable the Find My iPhone app, it helps you to track and wipe all vital information on the iOS device when lost or stolen. You can do this on a computer or use Find My iPhone app on a friends Apple device. Underneath are what to do.

To Use Find My iPhone

  • Launch iCloud.com with your PC or use a friend iOS device which has Find My iPhone app on it. 


ICT Link-Up-iCloud-iPhone


  • Enter your Apple ID and Password to sign in => Click on Find iPhone app


ICT Link-Up-Find-iPhone-App


  • Click on All Devices at the top of the screen => Select the Device Name


ICT Link-Up-Device-Name-iPhone

You can zoom to view its location on the map whether the device is around, or use one of these 3 options 

ICT Link-Up-Play-Sound-Lost-Mode-Erase-iPhone


  1. Play Sound to help you find it when it close to you. 
  2. Turn on Lost Mode, this option requests that you enter your phone number which will displays on the screen of the device. This number can be use to call you when a good Samaritan comes across it and also keep track of your device location. 
  3. Erase Device, this option helps  to wipe out personal information from the device remotely.


What To Do When Find My iPhone Is Not Enable And It Got Lost Or Stolen

When Find My iPhone is not enabled on your device before it got stolen or lost there is nothing you can do to track your device. But you can do these few things to safe guard your personal information.

  • Change your Apple ID password to safe guard your iCloud data and other services on the device.
  • Change internet accounts password on your device such as Facebook account, Email account or any internet account you have on the device. 
  • Go to your mobile network carrier to block your line from being use.

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