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How To Backup And Restore Or Transfer Your WhatsApp Information

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WhatApp data backup is an absolute necessity to have tool for any cell phone client, since you can unintentional delete or a phone stolen, all are regular events every body ought to prepare for.
You can back up your WhatsApp information using Google Drive as well as a local back up. Local back ups will be automatically made each day at 2am and they will be saved as a record in your android phone. Chats and media can be back up to Google Drive, when you change phone it can be transfer to the new phone.

To Back Up To Google Drive

Open WhatsApp => Tap the Menu Button => Settings => Chats => Chat Backup.

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Tap on Back Up to create a quick backup, and you can likewise tap on Back up to Google Drive to set up a backup recurrence.

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If you don’t have Google Account set up. Tap on Add account when prompted and follow the process. 

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And finally tap on Back up over to choose the network you wish to use for backing up. 

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Restore Or Transfer A Backup

Your Smartphone will amass to the most recent 7 days worth of local backup documents, Google Drive will just have the latest ones. On the off chance that you wish to reestablish a local backup which is not the latest one, you should do the follow these steps.

To Restore Or Transfer A Backup

Download a File Manager app 

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In the file manager application, navigate to sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases. If data is not stored on the SD card, check “internal storage” or “main storage” instead of sdcard.

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Rename the backup file you want to restore from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12. It’s possible that an earlier backup may be on an earlier protocol, such as crypt9 or crypt10. Don’t change the number of the crypt extension.

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Uninstall WhatsApp

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Install WhatsApp.

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And then tap Restore when asked


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