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WhatsApp Text Status Feature Is Back On Android

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Whatsapp Text Status Is Back

WhatsApp text Status feature has made a rebound to Android. Users can refresh or update WhatsApp application to the steady Android v2.17.107 from Google Play Store to get the feature.

This feature is now available for Android users, and in the coming weeks it will also be rolled out to iOS users. Be that as it may, the update doesn’t mean WhatsApp is getting rid of its vanishing Status feature. The Snapchat-styled WhatsApp Status that gives users a chance to transfer recordings and photographs that vanish in 24 hours, is right where it was in the application.

Another minor change that the new WhatsApp version brings is the ‘Add Attachment’ icon has moved to the text box where users type message, from tab above. Besides, users can now pivot or rotate profile pictures to left, right, top and down.

To Add The Text Status Feature

Tap on the 3 Dots on upper right of the screen => Tap on Settings

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Tap on the Profile Picture => Tap on the Text box under the About and Phone number tab => Add Text to Status

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Now you can see the last update that you posted before WhatsApp brought down the feature. It can be changed to another modified Status or the well known Available, Busy, At work, Can’t talk, WhatsApp only and so on from the rundown. 

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