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5 Android Tips That Will Change The Way You Utilize Your Cell Phone

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 These few Android tips ought to change the way you utilize your cell phone.


Take An Android Screenshot

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To take a screenshot hold the power and volume keys down at the same time to get a your screenshot. Screenshots are stored in the gallery in their folder, but if you want to share, you can go straight to the notification bar once it’s saved.

Use Android Folders

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Folders helps you to organize your apps on your home screen. Folders can be place on the shortcut bar at the bottom of the display. You can have most of your core apps at a place then cluttering up your home screen. To create a folder, drag one app shortcut over another and a folder will be automatically created. Some devices will let you make folders in the apps tray (menu) which is a smart way to organize everything in there and make it easier to locate.

Backup Your Android Photos

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Google Photos was integrated into Google+, but has been split out in the past year as a standalone app. It’s the stock gallery on Android devices, most devices can access Photos and it has backup integrated into it. What you need to do is go into the settings and choose your Google account you want to backup to save all your photos to your personal account. There is option of selecting a portion of the items to backup or all. Other apps like Microsoft’s OneDrive or Dropbox can do the same. Is best to do this on WiFi connection to save your phone data.

Restrict Calls And Texts

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Android 5.0 introduced “Priority mode,” a new feature that allows calls or text only from contacts you designate. Turn on Priority mode by pressing any volume button. Tap the settings gear to decide which calls and texts come through.

Update Your Android Phone

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Open Settings => About tablet or phone => System updates => Check now or Update.
Some of these tips require the latest version of Android.

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