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7 Best Tips For Your iPhone

There are some tips that will help and make thing more flexible for iPhone users. We always types on our iOS, be it text messages or responding to an email and also sometime wanted to do other stuff with our device but don’t know how to go about it. Here are some of them.

Location Based Reminder

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The new Remainder App is integrated with Siri and has GPS features built in. Make a reminder and select to remind you At a Location. You will be presented with your current location and the options When I Leave or When I Arrive, or you can make a custom spot up of your choice. Beware this can drain your battery life because of the GPS being on all the time.

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Add Twitter Handles To Your Contacts

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There are two ways to handle this, go to Settings => Twitter you can click on Update Contacts and all of your current contacts in your address book will be trolled and connected to their appropriate Twitter accounts. To do it manually, go into the contact, tap Edit and then Add Field. Scroll down you will get to Twitter and then you can manually enter the information.

Give Contacts Nicknames

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To add nickname into contacts go to the Contact => tap Edit and then Add Field. Right there at the bottom of the first box is Nickname. Once you get back to the main Edit screen, add in the nickname and now Siri will recognize it, as will Voice Command.

Customize Music Controls

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To customize your Music App, open the App it tap on More and then Edit. A whole group of icons will appear and then drag them to their new location on the bottom of the screen.  


Extra Characters

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To make sure the accent mark in Montréal is correct hold down the letter you need to accent, and all of the extra characters will appear. And then pick the one you need.

Flag An Email

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If you are those people who flag’s every email that comes in. Go to your Inbox, tap on Edit then select the emails you want to flag. Select the Mark tag in the bottom right corner and then select Flag.

RTF Emails

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Highlight the word or words you want to accentuate and select the arrow and then the BIU button to pick between bold, italics or underline.

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