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How To Enable Facebook Messenger Live Location Sharing On iPhone

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Messenger New Feature

Facebook added the Secret Conversation in it app not long ago.  And with Monday’s latest update of Facebook Messenger App it permit users to share their Live Location with others. This update is currently rolled out globally on both Android and iOS platforms. The Live Location feature will be useful to share live location to your families and friends. Underneath are how to enable your Facebook Messenger Live Location.

To Enable Facebook Messenger Live Location Sharing

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Setting Live Location Sharing

=> To share your live location in a message tap on the Location icon or on the More icon
=> Select Location
=> You will see a map of your current location with option to tap on a Blue bar to share your Live Location.
=> The people you share your Live Location with will be able to locate you on a map for an hour (60 minutes).
=> At the Lower Right hand corner of the map there is a clock counting down the time you share your Live Location.
=> You will also see an estimated  time it take to reach other location by car. (The ETA is seen by the person with whom the location is shared)
=> To stop sharing your Live Location, tap on the Stop Sharing.

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