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Stay Safe And Secure On WhatsApp

The safety and security of you and your messages matter to WhatsApp team. They want you to know about the tools and features they’ve designed to help you stay safe while using WhatsApp. WhatsApp Terms of Service One way WhatsApp team can help you stay safe on WhatsApp is through …

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Drive Safe With Your Smartphone

Save A Life There are a lot of studies that demonstrate any diversion that intrudes on a driver’s focus is conceivably hazardous. Take your eyes off the street for a moment and occurrences can happen. With an end goal to pound into drivers’ heads the issues joined to driving while …

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Best 10 Tips For Cell Phone Wellbeing For Teens

Since youngsters’ social lives progressively overlay in PDAs (personal digital assistant) or small mobile device and in addition the Web, cyberbullying and provocation have gone versatile as well. Talk with your children about how similar behavior and morals you’ve generally shown them apply on telephones as “in actuality.” As teens …

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Safe Talking On Phone

The current report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) about the potential association between phone utilize and growth is enormous news to media stations and the overall population. Before the report, researchers disclosed to us no confirmation existed that PDAs were cancer-causing. What’s more, at this point? …

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